Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Training Plans From Denmark & Update

Well it seems like ages since I have written on here, and to be fair I guess it is.

I am back from Ribe now. I flew into Stansted Monday morning. I don’t know why I have such weird experiences on flights at the moment, but whilst cruising at 38,000 feet our jet suddenly banked violently right and the left again. It was totally out of the blue, quite scary I guess but the funniest thing was the women seated a few rows back from me, who screamed at the top of her lungs down the cabin... she must have felt so stupid after we all stared at her!!

The last week in Denmark I have been teaching the importance of the ability to be able to turn and work your dog at a distance. The handlers made some stunning progress, not just in actual handling terms, but also in the understanding of the method and principal behind what we were trying to do.

The other three trainers were Ann Brit, Jenny & Peter. I think the standard of trainers and participants was really high. A huge thank you to Pia Metz for the invite in the first place!

Here are the training plans for the exercises we did during the week:

The week also involved a great deal of social events too. Some of the best laughs I have had at a dog show. The biggest ever Ice Cream I have seen from Ribe (Thanks Peter!) as well as making a lot of friends. I really am made to feel so welcome and cannot wait for Julantia Cup in July.

This weekend is Thames Show, the best show for a good social in the UK. My dogs have hardly seen me this last month let alone trained, so I am not expecting too much in all fairness!

Next up is a trip back to Standford, Norway, leaving Thursday 18th June for a week.

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