Wednesday, 8 July 2009



Just an update of what I am going to be up to over the next few days. I am leaving today to drive up to Denmark where I am teaching for the weekend (11th/12th) and then moving to Jutlantia Cup near Billund where I am competing with Scott & Jack for the next week. Scott is now also running in Class 3 (FCI) so this should be a good test for us. Following that I am heading to a show in France and then back at the end of July. I am really looking forward to the trip, however I might not be able to get internet access through this time, but I will report all about it on my return!



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Whisperedreams Border Collies said...

hey just a post to give you link to my blog
will add progress of pup with using your dvd, like i said in e-mail thanks as it gives me a way of training him since i dont trust n e one after loosing last two :(, add blog to your list...any tips will be much appriciated :)