Monday, 14 September 2009

Show Update


This weekend I was at Gillingham show, it was a bit of come down to earth after our fantastic weekend at Dog Veges.

Scott managed just one clear round out of 5. He was way to hyper after not having a show last weekend due to high peak being cancelled. I trained him a fair bit during the week but he was crazy at the show. The weaves caused us a few problems which was a shame and something I want to again practice.

Che ran fairly well, and was unlucky (to say the least!) not be in the Champ final having had two clears. Jack was going very quickly over the weekend and I kept managing to mis-time things and flick him over the backs of jumps rather than the right side, but never mind.

The journey to the show was the worst, the Sat nav did not care I had a van and caravan and took us through the middle of Bath and over a narrow toll bridge, which ended up being a master class in close narrow driving!

I have a few lessons this week, but am busy sorting out training days and lessons for the next few months, I seem to be behind on all the emails etc!

Really good luck to the British Agility team at the world championships, as well as the Danish Agility team who I also support! Good luck.

Take care – Lee

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