Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Thursday 24th

It seems ages since I have written on here, seems like I have been quite busy the last week or so and also have not had any real good news to report regarding training or shows!
At least the high lights have been the fact that I scored 7 goals in two games for the five-a-side team, (however we only managed a draw and a loss despite being on top in both games!) and Everton have won three straight games without conceding!
As for the dogs, at Bromsgrove last weekend I had a 2nd with Jack in 1-7 jumping, Che had 6 out of 6 clears, and Scott was being a little bit careless with poles. So he has to learn the hard way and if he is careless, he doesn’t get to do his agility. He does not like being taken out of classes, but I think it maybe might just make the point a little more clearly for him! (Scott makes it very hard to pick him up after knocking a pole by going extra bendy!)
Well done to David and Poppy for winning grade 5 jumping at Bromsgrove, well deserved as it was a cracking run. Good on you.
I am writing a chapter for a book that is soon to be published in the UK, it is all about dog sports, and I am doing a section in it. We took some photo’s earlier in the week to demonstrate some of the training points discussed in the chapter. I think once the book is finished... it will be a good read and well worth investigating to get a copy of.

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