Thursday, 22 October 2009


This week has not been a nice week for the weather! In fact it has been pretty rough at times. I have done some turn training with Scott, but otherwise just my regular lessons.

The next few days I have several lessons each day, so lets hope the weather picks up. I have lessons all day Saturday & Sunday.

As you know I am just back from the Isle Of Man, and have been stitched up a treat by Gina & some deviants on the island taking pictures of my bag with ladies shoes and make up in it... I knew you were up to something! I am not putting the picture up here but it is on facebook for those of you who use it!

Il get you guys back.. ;)

I have another picture from the IOM to put up on here, il get that up soon.

I need to say this – I have several DVD orders that I have posted but due to the current postal strike you may well have a delay in receiving them. Church Stretton post office won’t be the priority back log to clear I would not have thought!


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