Sunday, 1 November 2009

Training & Course Plan:


This week has been a busy week for training. I have had a lot of lessons, however Sunday I was forced to cancel all the lessons due to the horrendous weather.

Next Saturday I am having a fun competition day for everyone that trains with me here at LGT. I am hoping it will be a fun day and great to get the dogs working with lots of noise and distractions. This is not an open invite but everyone who trains here is welcome (please contact me if you wish to come down and i have not yet spoken to you!)

The LGT Xmas meal is booked, if you have not had your form from me yet, please contact me and il get one to you. I need it back by the 20th November.

This-weeks course plan – I know I set several of you home work on certain bits of it (re shaping and turn infomation / working the 'gaps' ):

Try - Wall, dogwalk, tunnel, jump, weave.

Also wall, dogwalk, tunnel, jump, across to the fan of three jumps and weave!

Regards - Lee

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