Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Hopping about!


First things first... my ankle is still sore! I have been training (doing my lessons) most days, but have yet to run on it yet. I almost fell over walking the dogs this evening even though i have a huge ankle support on it now!

I think football is out the question this week, but I have Wilmslow show Saturday. I hope to run there but its still in the balance I think. This may not be a bad thing actually as Scott has also been out of action for a couple of weeks, and has done no training at all! The saying coiled spring comes to mind for Saturday. Maybe I will find a surrogate handler for him... lucky them!

Weather has been really poor these last few weeks. I had to cancel training Saturday and Monday, although now the course is draining really well due to my relentless spiking it with my pitch fork and other farm yard objects!

Not being able to play football has given me chance to sit and watch some TV and play on mums new Wii consol.. although maybe that is not the best for the ankle, tennis and sword play etc!! I have never watched X-factor before, but last Sunday I even watched Xtra-factor. Over the last few weeks I have watched it more and more. In fact I consider myself an expert as I one hundred percent correctly predicted the bottom two and the eventual result after Saturdays show, and was proved right Sunday evening. Maybe I should be a judge of talent too ;) now who agrees... that sounds like fun!?

I don’t have any training news to report at the moment, but will write up an account of Saturdays show. Hopefully something good to report!

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Best wishes all - Lee

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