Wednesday, 11 November 2009

This hurt!


This week has turned into a very painful one! Playing my regular 5-a-side on Monday evening, I chased down a ball and went over on my ankle. As soon as it happened I knew it was a bad one, but when we took my boot and shin pad off I was quite shocked at the amount of swelling. Needless to say it was rather painful!

Here is a picture from Tuesday, just to prove im not exaggerating!
I think I will not be able to play for a little while now, and hobbled about Tuesday evening whilst doing a training seminar in Hereford. Not quite my agile energetic self at the moment, but im not one to make a fuss!

Here is the plan from my seminar from Tuesday evening:

There are many combinations to do on this grid. The key points were based around not moving to close to jumps that you dont need to, and to trust the dogs to be independent and craft the turn themselves, based on our voice and body signals.


Dani said...

Ow!! That looks painful. Look after that! x

Talacae said...

Ahhh, get the violins out hahaha, you knew not to expect sympathy lol!! Glamming it up making it sound like you were the football star ;) Less drink next time!!! xx

Lee Gibson Training said...

Yeah it was pretty painful,but whats this about less drink!?? I was certainly not under any influence, except that of a lot of pain killers!

yettontop said...

Been there - done that!! Word of advice from an older head - don't rush the recuperation as you will just end up taking a lot longer to get it fully right. Speaking from experience here.
Take care - lay off the pain killers - pain is there to tell us to stop doing whatever is making it hurt!! If you take the pain killers you will probably do more than you should and delay recovery.

Lee Gibson Training said...

Hey Brenda,

thanks, I am trying my best to get it rested and sorted. This weekend is 50-50 i think!

I dont want to be 'lame' for much longer!