Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy new year 2010, from Lee

Happy New Year 2010

Well, a simple message from me for the dawn of 2010.

It has been an eventful last 12 months, there have been many highs, lows, moments of sheer joy, and moments of utter disappear.

There will have been exciting, happy times. Times that you will always remember, moments you wish had never ended, experiences that you were all too glad that they had, and as it turned out most recently, moments in your life when you realise your surrounded by so many fantastic people who when you really need them, are willing to do all they can to help you.

That is a special feeling. In fact it keeps you even more motivated and determined to succeed.

That is, as I believe, is what we should embrace and take into the New Year. The special people in your life are special for a reason. Mine are, and I will try my best to be for them.

I wish a healthy and successful 2010 for everyone.

Live it, and live it well.


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Dani said...

Very well put and I totally agree.
Have a successful season and see you at a show somewhere!

Dani x