Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Weather and training update:

A quick update about training.

Well 2010 has started with the coldest weather for how many years? I have been walking up and down the hill for the last few days, the snow and ice is very bad around here, with not much sign of a improvement.

The current weather conditions have forced me to cancel all training this week up to and including Sunday 10th January at least. If you are due to come, you will have probably heard from me, but in the unlikely event that you have not, please don’t attempt to come up. You will only get within a few miles of the house!

Our track is a foot deep in snow, the surrounding roads are impassable, the council are only basically maintaining the main road to Shrewsbury, and the course is buried. It is unlikely unless we get a dramatic increase in temperature that I can start training again for several days.

We are not very optimistic about making it to Wilmslow show on Saturday either, but my van is being kept away from the house, so I maybe able to get out at least... will have to wait and see.

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Talacae said...

haha, might have to come for another walk if wilmslow is cancelled for a proper play ;)