Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Rugby show and LGT meal


I had a very energetic weekend. At Rugby show Scott and Jack both were clear in the agility and both knocked a pole in the jumping class. I left before the prize giving so don’t know where I finished.

The LGT Christmas dinner was Saturday evening. I have some pictures and I will try and get those uploaded to here. It was a fantastic evening.

Sunday I had a day of lessons and then Monday took Anna to Heathrow to fly her and her dog back to Finland. I left at 2am!! Never had so much pro plus and coffee in one day. After visiting my Aunt in London and coming back to Shrewsbury, we had 3 40min games of 5-a-side, I collapsed in bed last night!

Today I have spend shipping DVD’s!

I am now looking forward to training in Norway this weekend. I have heard it is rather cold in Scandinavia right now!?

Pictures coming soon..


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