Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Wyre show, update of where and what I am doing & a fun course plan

At last I can write a few positive things on here for a change! Although when I planned to do this Monday I was in no fit state to write anything because of possible food poisoning or a viral bug. Which- ever it was, I do not want it again. A very un-enjoyable 24hours!

In fact I am a bit concerned about my ill-fated last few . First it was my ankle, two weeks later some idiot writes my car off by driving straight into me, another two weeks and I am crippled with food poisoning... and what am I doing in two weeks from now? Taking a flight...

Any way enough of that fate, I don’t think I have ran over mystic meg recently or broken any mirrors (yes Q the “did you look in one joke!”) so here’s my decent interesting blog update that I promised!

Tuesday was my recovery day, but being a man and not wanting to make a meal of anything ;) I had a couple of lessons and then a training night in Hereford.

We focused on discrimination and also so jump space exercises. It was a fun night, especially the hot punch that was served, went down a treat! The course plan is below. I have merged the three exercises in to one big super-sized discrimination course. It is fun, just don’t knock the first pole down, kind of ruins the rest!
Back to Saturday and the show at Wyre, we had a successful day. Jack had a 2nd in G7 Agility, a 7th in jumping and a 11th in the other agility. Che had a 15th in the jumping. Scotty was working very nicely. A couple of poles in the first two runs, but a great clear and 8th place in 6&7 agility at the end of the day was pleasing. Scott was 1.12 from the winner’s time, and 0.9 from second place.
Mum did well at the show with Flynn, having a 4th in 1-3 jumping and a 10th in 3-5 agility. Well done!

Sunday was another day of losing lessons because of the horrid weather, and the general state of the ground. The ground is not really in great shape this week but I have trained Tuesday, Wednesday and all being well some on Thursday & Friday.

Saturday the 12th is Rugby Christmas show, the warm up for the LGT Christmas Dinner in the evening. I am dead excited about it and look forward to seeing everyone in something different from muddy tracksuit trousers and fleeces... or should I say full waterproofs considering the recent weather! It was fun last year and this year will be just as good.

I am also planning for my up-coming training trip back to Scandinavia. I am returning back to Norway in a week and also meeting up with Lars Bang (Denmark) as we do a joint training seminar in Tonsberg, Norway (19th & 20th).

I will put some dinner photo’s up here soon. Yes I will wear a suit, and not the Santa suit I won at the Wyre raffle on Saturday, as amusing as it maybe, the leg piece is ultra small and would not leave much the imagination ;) and I do try to be modest if I can.

Before I go I have to make a shameless plug I am afraid. The LGT Workshop DVD. It would make a fantastic Christmas present. The DVD is packed full of exercises, course plans and training tips and ideas. It is broken down into 7 sections, including waits, obstacle discrimination, contacts & common traps, amongst others! I have had fantastic feedback and would like to thank everyone who has ordered it for supporting myself and Gina who helped me produce the DVD. I am sure you will find it useful.
Order direct from

Best wishes everyone. I will update hopefully after the dinner (I am sure there will be some very mature pictures from that!) and also from my time training in Norway next week.

Lee Gibson


Talacae said...

Ah don't worry - bad luck normally only comes in threes!
And make sure that wig makes an outting on Sat!!! ;)

Lee Gibson Training said...

Haha my 'im not here" comedy wig!? Love it. You seen a faded old 1870's Crufts jumper around by the way?

Talacae said...

as it happens I have seen one but unfortunately only 1997 one that isn't faded tho, would go well with that afro and santa suit!