Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Extreme Shropshire Snow Pictures


Like the rest of the UK, we had a lot of snow. The roads are in a bad way around here at the moment, so I am not sure when I am next going to be able to get out!

Today Mum and myself decided to try and walk to the Co-op in Church Stretton to try and get some supplies, however after two hours of walking, covering about a mile, if that, we headed back home as walking was simply so difficult that we would have probably have still been there now!

Scott and Flynn were even pleased to get home it was that hard going!
Stay safe out there and enjoy these pictures, possibly the worst snow I can remember for many years!
The pictures are all taken along a road... although it may not seem so!



Nina said...

Wow - it's hard to belive that those pictures are taken in UK!!!

Lee Gibson Training said...

yeah i know, could pass as the artic I think. there was no-one up there at all! would not like to be stranded there!

Gina said...

Oh my god, I need to get some skiis n come n practice over there!!! Lol x x

Jennifer said...

These are amazing pictures. I hope you have enough supplies at home to keep you going as I don't think you will be going far for a while! Jenny