Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year & South Africa

Hello Everyone,

First things first...

Happy New Year. I hope it is fantastic, prosperous, happy, healthy and successful!

Over the Christmas period I have been at home. I was planning to go to Finland for some time over the Christmas/New Year period, but as the horrendous weather put paid to all the training, it also put paid to my travel plans. However it was an enjoyable Christmas & New Year in Shropshire.

So now we are in 2011, and for me it is an flying start. Tomorrow (Monday 3rd January) I fly out of Heathrow on a 12 hour flight to Cape Town, South Africa.

I am lucky enough to be going there to train seminars, judge and share my agility knowledge. I am not just in Cape Town, but also visiting Port Elizabeth & Johannesburg.

The calendar page on my website shows the exact dates of travel, but I am away until the 27th of January. Just a note about the website, it is working, just not the address.

I have with me my camera and video, which I hope to take lots of pictures etc with and post up here on the blog and facebook as often as I can (although I am not sure when and at which places I will have internet yet) and keep in touch. However I have to say just in case anyone emails me for any reason, it maybe that you don’t get a reply until the end of January.

I am excited about the trip, and meeting the people of South Africa and helping them with training & handling, but I am also a little nervous as I am away for 3 & half weeks travelling between the cities on my own. It should be a great time.

I depart Heathrow at 20.15pm Monday 3rd, and land in Cape Town 10.30am local time on Tuesday 4th January (South Africa is 1 hour ahead).

Until my next update... best wishes and a Happy New Year.


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