Friday, 7 January 2011

South Africa Update 7th Jan

Update from Cape Town SA


So I am here in the sun, and boy is it hot. +35 and above at times, even had a +38 here. I am coping okay though, no heat stroke (yet!) and I have a sun hat and lots of sun cream, so all is good. I am staying with Kath & James, they are great and looking after me well.

I arrived Tuesday after the 12 hour flight and straight away the heat hit me, was like an oven. That evening I did a couple of hour session on Contacts & Weaves, followed by a small agility talk.

Wednesday we began at 7am, (that is 5am UK time as we are 2 hours ahead) and did 3 private lessons, followed by a sightseeing trip which included an amazing mountain view over Cape Town Stadium, the stadium that played host to England v Algeria in the world cup. The afternoon consisted of some more seminars in another part of Cape Town in the afternoon. We trained Jump Grids, Contacts & General Handling (on jumping sequences).

Thursday was another 7am start for lessons, and then a walk to one of the local beaches for lunch. From there we went to see the only warm climate Penguins in the world, they looked quite funny!

The afternoon consisted of a Drive seminar, puppy training and another General jumping class. In the evening Kath & James took me up the Table Mountain Cable car, the view was amazing and it was dusk going on dark. It was so warm still up the mountain, and the atmosphere just incredible, it truly was a memorable experience. From the top you can see all around and also Robin Island, where Nelson Mandela was held captive.

Friday was the first day off. We went out of Cape Town and up to the wine yards to go wine tasting. Now some of you will know I am not really a wine drinker, but it was a good trip seeing the differences and the wine making process. In the inland valley it was 40degree’s... very hot! We ate out for lunch at one of the famous local restaurants. The food was really good.

Tomorrow we are driving to another region of Cape Town for a 7am start. I have 3 seminars tomorrow and then some more plans in the afternoon.

First impressions of the agility here seem to show a great willingness to learn and create more consistency. Some of the handlers have said to me already that timing and positioning, as well as consistency in training & shows is something they want to get better at.

I like getting the texts from home, thanks for sending even though I can’t reply. All the best & I will post again soon.


Enjoy the pics below!

Training at JUMP SARDA with Table Mountain back drop

View over Cape Town Stadium

Cable Car up Cape Mountain

Wine tasting like a pro!

Sessions on Wednesday

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