Friday, 13 May 2011

Beacon Championship Judging

Beacon Championship Judging:

Saturday 7th May

I was kindly asked to do my first Championship appointment by Beacon Club last weekend. I was happy to judge the class and enjoyed the day a lot.

I wanted to design courses that tested all the elements (over three rounds) that a grade 7 Championship course should do. I put in independent weaves, contacts, go-abounds at various points. I also included wrong end of tunnel, obstacle discrimination, straight line speed & handling sections (front crosses / cross behinds etc)

I will upload the course plans but once I am back from my latest trip (2 weeks in Finland training seminars & judging) because I want to use the courses there too!

Well done the Nicola Garrett & Indie for winning the Small dog Ticket, and well done to Ashleigh Butler with Pudsy for winning the Medium dog Ticket.

Thanks to all the great feedback I had whilst judging and after the event. I was people like the challenge of what Championship should be. I always say quality comes through in the end, and the final proved that in a thrilling climax.  for more course plans!

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