Monday, 9 January 2012

Exercise Plans from Monday 9th - Beginners Seminar 2 Cape Town

Here are two of my plans from this afternoons seminars. These drills are for grade 1 and beginner dogs, they are fun to do and help with learning front cross skills and building a decent wait.

I enjoy teaching the beginner groups as it is always good to see how they can take the information I give them and apply it to learning new skills and techniques. Today's focused on front crosses and drive/acceleration. The groups did very well. Before the seminars we went into Cape Town and looked at the gardens and also some tourist shops. The people selling the stuff must think we are all English idiots, I was offered a special "Monday Price" at one of the stalls. Glad I didn't go on a weekend then!

Tomorrow is a day off! Lucy and I will do some tourist things and take a nice meal out in the evening.

I avoided getting burnt today, its been cloudy for most of it! Hope everyone is well back home. Lee

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