Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Tuesday 10th - Pictures from the crazy circus!

This guy I called chair man... the worlds slowest and most challanged super hero!

This man/women/being was loving my aftershave... wanted to get pretty close!

We had a superday Tuesday. It was a day off. During the daytime we went to the beach in Camps Bay, and also did a city site seeing tour which went through the heart of Cape Town, District 6 and up to Table Mountain, and then back to Cape Point and the stadium. I have some pictures but have just loaded one of Lucy and myself at Camps bay (see below) as its now lunch time and im hungary!

Today (Wednesday we are training in Western Cape and I have a judges seminar later on after the classes and lessons are finished.

Hope alls well.

Lee for my workshop DVD for Lucys Training blog which has more writing than mine today!

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