Thursday, 9 February 2012

Finland Update Thursday 9th February


Writing a blog update on a train is something ive not done before, but I am currently heading South West in the north of Finland towards Kemi, where I will then drive to Tornio for my next 4 days of teaching. Today is day 8.

Outside the window is thick snow, the trees look like they have been sprayed with Christmas decoration snow as they look so neat. The train has wifi and also is warm and comfortable. It also is on time to the minute. To make it even better I also have my own seat, and the train is long so its not over crowded. The ticket was pretty cheap too. Why do I have to have these experiences… I have to catch the train in UK again next week… it just wont be the same anymore!

So 5 days of seminars are done in Rovanimmi, and two previous in Pello. Two nights ago I saw the northern lights. I will try and see if any of my pictures came out. I was taking videos and pictures of the green swirling lights in the sky. My hands were burning because of the cold. I had gloves but cant work the small camera buttons with my gloves on. It was -30 and a bitter, bitter cold.

Yesterday before training we went bowling. I love a good game of bowling and it was really good fun although I didn’t manage any strikes, played a good game overall.

So today I will start another 6 hours of seminars with new students in Tornio. I am sure I will have as much fun here as I have in the previous cities. I am staying at a Spa hotel in Tornio, I stayed there before and it was very comfortable, so looking forward to some down time.

Speak soon


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