Monday, 13 February 2012

Last days in Finland & Back to the UK (for a few days at least!)

Blog Update February 13th

So I am now writing my blog post whilst on my flight home to the UK. Its 2pm UK time and I have just taken off from Helsinki airport.

My last few days in Finland have kind been a blur. The seminars in Tornio, 4 days worth went really well. The hall was big enough for two courses, and what I did was set up small exercises for the group on one side, whilst we continued to work on the main objectives on my side.

One of the main focuses throughout this trip has been pull through’s, and making sure handlers use the correct arms to pull the dog through the gap and then using a drive arm to, well yes I guess clue is in the title, drive to the next jump.

We also did a lot of weave exercises, ranging from basic weave completion exercises to the more advanced entries, discrimination and independence.

On the Saturday 11th, before my training session. Jani (my friend and club member) took me out on a snow mobile driving experience. It was really good fun and I had a blast. We followed tracks into the forest and also around Tornio town.

As I that wasn’t enough, we then exposed are bodies to more adrenaline shocks. On the Saturday night I true Finland style, we went to Sauna and then threw ourselves into the freezing cold snow. Crazy indeed!

The sauna was outdoors so we walked into the sauna and got changed. Inside the sauna the heat was intense. I think I kept using that term all night “this is so intense!” and then when it so hot I had to get out, we then dived outside and into the snow. This was equally extreme. A healthy mind and body though, that is what they say!?

To add to the seeming lunacy of this whole routine, liquid refreshment is available a plenty inside the sauna… in the form of cans of beer. Of course it is so hot that the beer is drank very quickly as a source to cool down, and the inevitable increase in willingness to jump into the snow ensues.

On Sunday I was somewhat quieter than normal during my training sessions with the concrete pillars that support the roof proving a useful leaning post for me. Lucky for me my students were very kind and brought me lip balm (my lips and general skin has cracked a lot during my time here) Swedish chocolate, and for my headache… some pain killers!

Quick update on the flight, the guy opposite but one from me just dropped his meal on the floor… chin up moment if ever I saw one!

Anyways where were we:

So Sunday evening I left Tornio and flew back to Helsinki, and today I am on my way back to the UK. I spent 21 very special hours in Helsinki, although I will not spend anymore, I will not ever forget my time there.

This week I have lessons Wednesday and Thursday I think, I need to check the diary really but that’s in the overheads and I don’t want my food all over the floor as well! That reminds me, just adjusted my watch back to UK time.

UK time will feel a little weird when I am back. I have actually only been in the UK 9 days of 2012. All the rest was in SA and then Finland, where at both the time is GMT +2.

My next trip on a plane is, ah yes in 4 days. More air mile with KLM. On Friday I make the journey to Warsaw in Poland. I have never been to Poland before and am looking forward to the trip. It should be warmer than Finland has been (if you call -1 or 0 warm that is!) but I am looking forward all the same. I am teaching Friday night and then judging and training both Saturday and Sunday. I return from Poland on Monday 20th.

I will update from Poland. Or maybe this week if anything exciting happens.

Thank you Finland… Kiitos!

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