Sunday, 8 July 2012

My Road Trip - Sweden/Demark July 2012

I am writing a quick update to let everyone know where I will be for the next month or so. I will try and update when I have internet but wont always, so here is a brief summary!

Leaving tonight (Sunday 8th July) for a epic road trip through Europe. Over the next two days I travel (via Eurotunnel, and then ferry from Germany - Trellborg) up to Sweden for two days seminar. Then I head West back to Denmark for a weekend seminar, before moving on to Jutlandia Cup 2012. At Jutlandia I am competing and judging the finals.

After that is a new location in Denmark for more seminars, and finally at the end of the month heading back to Sweden for the Agility European Open 2012 as part of team GB.

I will have my mobile but also have a roaming SIM that I can use number +447448974280 which will be in use for the whole trip. I will also have local sims and also my normal mobile number, that will receive calls and texts fine, I just wont use it to make any communications as it costs more than the roaming sim.

I will pick up my emails from time to time.

It should be a fun trip, I just hope I have packed everything, it seems like I have quite a lot considering its just me and Scott going!

Speak soon.



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