Tuesday, 10 July 2012



The last 48 hours have been pretty much all travel for me. First of all I left home on Sunday evening to travel down to the EuroTunnel, where I arrived at 1.30am. My booking was for 6.20am, and annoyingly there were no earlier trains I could switch too, meaning I slept at the ET until the early morning.

Once I crossed the channel I quickly stopped at the Cite du Europe where I always by pasties etc to take on the drive.

I also filled up with fuel (a lot cheaper than back home!) and drove out of Calais at 9am. From there I drove through France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany. My destination was one of my friends houses less than an hour from Lubeck (Travelmund) Port which is where I stayed Monday evening.

The drive up was quite long, around 8 hours or so. The route is quite easy mind.

Tuesday morning I was up early again to drive to the port to catch the ferry of which I am now sitting on. The crossing is Travelmund to Trellborg with TTline. The crossing is 7 hours and if I am honest its is boring as. There is not much to do on board and worst of all the internet (although appears to work fine) is very poor and keeps cutting out. All I have been able to access is my Twitter and sometimes my Skype but that doesn’t even work properly.

I should dock at 5pm and then I will stop and walk Scotty for a bit and then drive on to the training venue. I should be there around 7.30pm.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I start the first of the two days training seminars. The weather forecast isn’t great, there has been threats of floods even in the South of Sweden, although on the other hand the sun is out at the moment.

Okay ive just come to post this, and now \I am at the venue, had some food and walked Scotty. Am now relaxing and going to take a shower.

Tomorrow we start setting up at 8.30am so its another early start!


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