Friday, 7 December 2012

Exercise Plan Warsaw (Poland) 5th December and Out & About in Warsaw

I am back in UK now after 3 really good days in Poland. Here is Wednesday nights exercise plan, and some pictures we took whilst out and about:

Ola decided that I needed to learn some proper Polish history, so we went to the Warsaw uprising museum about the second world war, and how Warsaw was reduced to near ruins in 1944, but never lost its spirit or togetherness, that was found in amongst its people. It was a interesting and moving experience.
We also looked around the Old town. It was a chilly -4 (you can probably tell from the pictures!) but it was very pretty and I had a very enjoyable time.

I am sat here and it is raining / snowing at home. I have a UKA show tomorrow and supposed to have a half day training on Sunday in Shrewsbury, am hoping for a change of fortunes for the weather first!

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