Thursday, 24 January 2013

Austria: Day 1 & Seminar Plans


These are the training courses for my first day in Austria. It has been a good first day, I enjoyed the venue and the groups were really good fun to teach. The facilities here are really good. We are training in an old warehouse that has been converted into a Agility school.

Today was about getting to know the groups and I set up two courses, on for the more experienced group and one for the Class 1 and 2 dogs. I assessed the dogs during the first session and then we analysed a series of handling skills along with dog skills that needed working on. This proved a really useful tool in identifying certain skills that will maybe a little bit weaker, and also the stronger parts of the agility which we could rely on and really trust the dog, whilst being efficient as a handler.

It's been good so far here in Austria. Yesterday I was somewhat tired all day due to the early flights and leaving Ratlinghope (my home in Shropshire) very early in what were pretty terrible conditions! I was in fact quite happy to get to Birmingham airport at all.

I looked around the presidential Palace of Vienna yesterday afternoon. This is a historical trip that showed some of the history of Vienna and those that have ruled here. It has been pretty cold but not as cold as Sweden was last week!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow sessions and building on what we did today. Those on the session please download the course plans.
Take care have fun and speak soon




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