Friday, 25 January 2013

Austria: Day 2 exercise plan


Im sat in my hotel room after another good days work in Austria. Felt today really pushed the groups and we did some combinations that the handlers probably didn’t think they would be able to do!

The exercise plan is attached. You will notice there are no numbers, this is because we did 2 x exercises and 1 x course for each of the two groups. That’s 4 exercises and 2 courses in total. It is easier for handlers on the seminar to make notes and map out their own courses.

(I am also using this combination next week in Japan, so don’t want to give away the combinations!)

Tomorrow I am judging at the Winter games, a team (well its actually a pairs class) and the class 3 courses later in the day. Looking forward to it!

I also took a picture of the venue today (see above!) its a old ship construction building, now converted into a storage warehouse and - an agility venue! (the show is also held here tomorrow)


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